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Communiquè: Progress on the Development of the New Registration System (NRS)

The New Registration System and its Development Phases

In August 2013 the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) placed the implementation of the New Registration System (NRS) in abeyance pending the completion of the testing exercise. Consequently, the NRS Application Form and relevant policy documents were withdrawn from the ECSA website.

The development of the New Registration System is in its final stages. Its development, testing, training of users (personnel, volunteers/assessors and its internal readiness is scheduled to be completed by 29 August 2014.

The month of September 2014 is scheduled for project wrap-up and final preparations for the external "go-live" date in respect of Phase 1 of the NRS Project.

Testing the online NRS System

The project team continued to review the developments by the developers over the months leading to 23rd May, 2014 where the last Milestone was signed off. Further internal testing and training of the internal system users as well as the volunteers resumed and are the current activities of the NRS project team.

Transitioning to the NRS

ECSA has embarked on the training of staff on the handling of NRS applications, as well as Volunteers on the assessment of NRS applications. For Applicants who submitted NRS application forms that were available prior to the NRS being placed in abeyance, ECSA continued to honour its commitment to review those applications through applying a paper-based NRS assessment methodology.

Legacy Registration System applications

ECSA continues to receive applications in the old format (the Legacy system) and will continue to receive such applications until

31 March 2015. Council had given Applicants the option of choosing between the Legacy and the NRS system of assessment and therefore such submissions have to be in line with the Legacy documentation, and are being assessed against the existing requirements as per the Policy Document R2/1A: Section 5.

"Go-Live" date of the New Registration System

The "Go-Live" date for Phase 1 of the New Registration System is scheduled for the first week of October 2014 (Monday, 6 October 2014).

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