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EAST RAND SPEED BOAT CLUB, Saturday 14 October 2017


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  • To give students and the concrete industry the opportunity of using their knowledge in a fun project
  • To use the competition as a real-life project management exercise for students
  • To design and build a concrete boat and race it over a specified course
  • To have a day together with the Industry, family, friends and colleagues
  • Offer industry and the various institutions the opportunity to network

(Rules and Regulations for the Construction of Concrete Boats)

Type of Boat:


INDUSTRY ONLY: any craft that floats, and that is capable of taking part in a 4-6 person team relay race.
STUDENTS ONLY: two-man open top makorro with minimum width of 700 mm and a length range of 2.5 minimum to 3.8 metres maximum. Example:

 pic1  pic2

» The boat must be constructed in such a way that at least one person can propel it.
» The boat must be capable of being lifted by only two team members.
» No buckles or attachments of any nature are allowed which attach individuals to the boat.
» The deck must NOT enclose the occupant's legs to the extent that it may trap him/her in the case of capsize or sinking.
» Synthetic materials may be used to provide flotation.
» Flotation may not add to the structural integrity of the boat.
» The judges may at their discretion request the boat be tested for buoyancy. If the boat fails the test it will be disqualified from racing immediately.


Construction Materials


Composition of Concrete
The boats must be made from a freely available, commonly-used cement mortar or concrete. Lightweight aggregate may be used. The binding agent must be predominantly cementitious in composition. Limited quantities of other materials are allowed, provided that they do not replace the binding action of the cement.
The strength and stiffness of the boat must be entirely due to the cementing action between hardened concrete or mortar and its reinforcement. Non-concrete parts are not allowed to contribute to the strength or structural integrity of the boat and may be removed at the judges' discretion.

Reinforcing materials and fibre are allowed.

Waterproof Systems
Synthetic materials and proprietary waterproofing systems are allowed if used to make the surface of the boat water-resistant. These materials are not allowed to significantly contribute to the strength of the boat.

Floating Properties
Flotation must be built into the boat in order to keep the separate segments afloat in the case of the boat capsizing or breaking its back during the event. Synthetic materials may be used to provide flotation.

If the boat is damaged during transport or during the racing, repairs are allowed if materials are used that comply with the specifications. The construction judges may be asked for advice on this matter.

A rudder is allowed, and it may be operated from the inside or outside of the boat.




Advertising may only be by means of labels and or painted logos on the boat. Materials used must comply with general specifications, and should not have the purpose of providing additional strengthening and reinforcement to the boat.




The boat must be able to be launched by hand, by two team members.


Removal of Boats after the Event


All boats must be removed from the premises after the event or at the latest by 12h00 on Monday 16th October 2017. This is a very strict requirement, as complaints have been made by the hosts at previous events, of boats being broken and abandoned at the venue. Failure to do so will result in severe penalties. Any and all companies involved with boats that are left after the due date may be disqualified and fines from the venue will be forwarded for their account.


Agreement to the Rules and Regulations


People taking part in the racing, are assumed to have agreed to these rules and regulations. If the boat does not comply with the requirements for construction, this will lead to disqualification. In all cases of a dispute that cannot be settled by these rules and regulations, the final decision will be made by the CSSA Inland Branch Committee.


Race Regulations


The race shall be conducted at all times in a spirit of good sportsmanship. Any team found guilty of cheating, misconduct or uncivilised behaviour will be disqualified. In all matters of dispute, the CSSA Inland Committees’ decision will be final.
All competitors must observe the instructions of the officials. Due attention must be paid to the need for safety.
No person will be allowed onto the water without wearing a life jacket or buoyancy aid. If any person enters the water without a life jacket the responsible team will be immediately disqualified from the race as well as the construction competition. No person will be allowed into the water without shoes.
The organisers will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property or death or injury to any person, however caused.
**The race format will be raced in two-man open top makorro, on a four person relay basis. Please ensure there are four persons available to take part in each race.
Races will be run in heats, the number depending on the number of entries.
Any boat deviating from the course and travelling inside the buoys will be disqualified.
Boats and teams found not conforming to the rules contained herein may be permitted to race (at the CSSA Inland Committees’ discretion) but will not be eligible for prizes.


Racing Categories

The boats shall be constructed and raced by bona fide students, studying in the relevant faculty and they must have been involved in the construction of their boat.

The boats shall be constructed and raced by full time employees of any group, or organization within the construction and allied industries.

Ladies must be bona fide students of the relevant faculty of the representative education institution or a full time employee of the company entering the boat.

Anybody can race anything that can safely float and be propelled by paddles.

Construction Category – for students only

Construction awards will be presented to the best boat in the student category. A construction prize will be awarded to the best student boat. The judges will base their decision on the following factors:

  • Ingenuity in design and construction
  • Application of concrete technology
  • Structural soundness
  • General lines and appearance
  • Surface Finish
  • The presentation of a poster report

Boats are only eligible for the construction category prize if:
»  they have been pre-registered
»  they have their boat number on the boat
»  they finish at least one heat of a race
»  submitted an electronic copy of their construction reports at registration

Boats must be delivered and parked in their ‘parking bay’ on Friday 13th October 2017 by 15h00 and the respective team captain must be present at the registration table on race day by 06h45. Late arrivals will be not be judged.

Construction Report

A single page report no larger than an A2 on the construction and building of the boat must be available to the judges on the Race Day. An electronic copy of the report must be submitted at registration and must be clearly marked with the boat number. The report will feature, with the inclusion of pictures, a sequence of the construction process and a short summary detailing the following:

  • Design and planning of the boat
  • A detailed description of the construction methods and formwork used
  • A summary of all materials used in construction, specifying the type and amount of materials


 1st Place – Medal, Floating Trophy & Cash Prize

 2nd Place - Medal

 3rd Place - Medal


 1st Place – Medal & Floating Trophy

 2nd Place - Medal

 3rd Place - Medal


 1st Place - Medal, Floating Trophy & Cash Prize

 2nd Place - Medal & Consolation Prizes

 3rd Place - Medal & Consolation Prizes


 1st Place - Medal

 2nd Place - Medal

 3rd Place - Medal


 1st Place - Medal

 2nd Place - Medal

 3rd Place - Medal



 CARNIVAL – Trophy and medals



In the interests of safety it is compulsory that all participants wear life jackets at all times whilst on the water. Rescue boats, lifesavers and course marker buoys will be provided by BSC and canoe racing section. Natural buoyancy should be built into the craft. Boats without sufficient buoyancy will not be allowed to race on the day. As a precaution on the day, nobody will be allowed in the water without shoes for protection.

In terms of the Safety at Sports and Recreation Events Act, we have put into place various plans covering safety, disaster, traffic and medical issues. We will also provide a safety officer for the day together with appropriate paramedic back-up.



Entries for the construction category must be e-mailed to Jannes Bester via email on by 6 October 2017. Late entries will not be eligible for the Construction Category. All entries received will automatically be included in the race schedule for the day. Late entries and entries on the day will only be eligible for the race events, and will NOT be eligible for the Construction Prize.

A boat number will be allocated to all boats participating in the races by Friday 13 October 2017. The number needs to be painted on the side of the boat, so that it may be visible from the shore.

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Boat Race Rules:

Rules and Regulations for the Construction of Concrete Boats

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Student Rules:

Rules and Regulations for the Construction of Concrete Boats, for students only

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