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Inland Branch Chairman’s Breakfast and Awards 2016

More than 120 members and their guests attended this year’s annual Chairman’s Breakfast and Awards function, held at the Gooderson Fabz Hotel and Conference Centre in Lone Hill, Johannesburg.
This popular event provided an opportunity for the Branch Chair to review the year’s activities, announce annual awards for excellence in concrete, and network with local members and their guests.

Proceedings were opened with a welcome from the Branch Vice-Chairman, Johan van Wyk, acting as master of ceremonies for the function. On behalf of the Chairman of the Branch, Roelof Jacobs, he then presented a report for the year covering the many successful activities that had been run in the region. These included:




» Concrete – Getting it Right - Nelspruit
» Concrete – Getting it Right - Polokwane
» Concrete – Getting it Right - Bloemfontein
» Concrete – Getting it Right – Kimberley
» Concrete – Getting it Right - Johannesburg
» Recycled Concrete (ReCon 2016)
» New South African Structural Concrete Code - Johannesburg


Site Visits
» Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Lesotho
» PwC Tower, Waterfall City, Midrand

Student activities
» Egg Protection Device Competition
» Concrete Boat Race Day

» Golf Day
» Chairman’s Breakfast


Roelof thanked members of the Inland Branch committee for their support and hard work over the year. He also thanked the Head Office staff: John Sheath - CEO, Natasja Pols - Administrator and Marike van Wyk - Membership & Events Coordinator, for their ongoing support of the Branch.

Special mention was made of AfriSam, who were not only the main sponsors of the breakfast function, but who had also generously sponsored Academic Institution membership of the Concrete Society for 2016, which had included local universities – WITS and the University of Johannesburg.

Appreciation of the ongoing support of the Society by the many Company Members of the organisation was also acknowledged.

Roelof then outlined the two nominations that had been received by the Branch committee for the Inland Branch’s Concrete Achiever Award 2016. The nominees, in alphabetical order, were:Roelof Jacobs Branch Chairman presents Concrete Achiever Award certificate to winner Johan van WykRoelof Jacobs Branch Chairman presents Concrete Achiever Award certificate to winner Johan van Wyk

  • LAURENCE COUVE – for his for his many years of designing special concretes for prestigious projects throughout Gauteng, such as high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, mortars and creating green star mixes.
  • JOHAN VAN WYK – for growing the readymix concrete market, promotion of concrete in general and his contribution to the Concrete Society, Inland Branch.

The Chairman announced the winner of the Concrete Achiever Award for 2016 as Johan van Wyk from SARMA, stating that through almost entirely his own efforts, Johan had attracted all major readymix companies into SARMA membership, which is good for the industry, because of that organisation’s drive for good quality concrete.
Johan has also contributed greatly to the success of the Inland Branch over the past 2 years and has worked tirelessly to assist in providing better value for money for its members, through active participation in functions and presenting papers at seminars. “He has set an example to others of commitment and loyalty to the organisation”.




Proceedings continued with the announcement of the winner of the Chairman’s Award for 2016, which this year went to the founder and Managing Director of the company Concrete Testing Services (CTS), in Johannesburg - Dave Tite.

 In presenting the award (which was carried out at the CTS offices following the breakfast event), Roelof Jacobs said that Concrete Testing Services has been providing specialist testing and quality control services in concrete to the construction industry for nearly 35 years.

Founded by Dave Tite, this SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) accredited Civil Engineering test facility has offered the most commonly required tests for aggregates, concrete, mortars, plasters, masonry and paving products.

For many years Dave’s company has provided a quality control service to the larger construction contracts where a technician is assigned full-time to site to undertake all necessary tests.

Through Dave Tite’s leadership and management, CTS has become the ‘go to’ place for concrete testing. According to one client “Dave Tite is a good source for practical concrete material solutions for producers, contractors and engineers. He is more than a testing service, he is an institution of fairness and accuracy”.




Following the awards presentations, guests were treated to a special presentation by the CEO – South African Banking Risk & Information Centre (SABRIC), Kalyani Pillay.
SABRIC is a non-profit company formed by the four major banks to assist the banking and cash-in-transit companies combat organised bank-related crime. It also keeps the public informed about the latest banking scams and fraudster activity, to make sure that we don’t end up as a statistic.


Kalyani Pillay receives thanks from the ChairmanKalyani Pillay receives thanks from the ChairmanWhile it came as a surprise to many just how vulnerable the general public is to the vagaries of cyber criminals, several important lessons came from the presentation. These are just a few of the incredibly high number of risk areas:

1. Watch out for foreign objects attached to ATM’s – your card can be skimmed at a blink of an eye.
2. Don’t get phished. Criminals are known to ask for card numbers expiry dates, and CVV numbers in e-mails.
3. Payday spending – keep an eye on your card, even if a cashier is swiping it in front of you.
4. Be aware of loiterers. Some fraudsters wait until you’ve drawn your cash.
5. Wi-Fi hotspots are risky, especially when using banking apps/sites.
6. Do not download pirated software – malware often comes with it, putting you at risk.
7. Do not respond to competition SMS’s or MMS’s.

In concluding her presentation, Kalyani urge members to the SABRIC website at more of these tips and much more general information.

The event was concluded with the traditional Lucky Draw of guests’ business cards and the prize this year was won by Anthony Offenburg from Mapei SA.



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