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Inland Branch - Egg Protection Device Competition 2014

pic6 The 2014 Inland Branch Egg-Protection Device (EPD) competition attracted almost 200 students from the University of Johannesburg's Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) and Doornfontein (DF) campuses. Divided into various teams the students developed a myriad of designs for their concrete devices ranging from the engineering conservative to the architecturally bizarre!

Nevertheless, the structures that conformed to the technical requirements (the remainder being disqualified) were tested to the limit, and a lot was learnt by all, in terms of concrete technology and engineering design from the various, mixed results that were achieved.

Speaking to the students, before the testing started, John Sheath, CEO of the Concrete Society, thanked the students for the great effort they had all put in to construct the concrete devices. "We are committed", he said, "to reach out to you, the future engineering decision-makers, and increase your knowledge of concrete, of which generally, relatively so little is currently taught in the university curricula". The EPD competition, which is also run by other Concrete Society branches around the country, is just one of the ways that the organisation interfaces with students studying civil engineering, architecture and construction economics and management.

Winners of the competition, with a weight-adjusted score of 5.3 blows were the "Concrete Groove Team from Doornfontein campus, whilst the joint runners up with a weight-adjusted score of 3.8 blows were two teams from Auckland Park campus – "Group 34" and "Engens".

Cash prizes were awarded to the winning teams by Donovan Leach from PPC, the main sponsors for the event and on whose premises the competition was held.


Egg Protection Device Competition 2014 - Photo Gallery
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