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Paving the way with SANS 1058:2012

More than 70 members and guests gathered ts of the latest specification for concrete pavers (SANS 1058:2012) at the Inland Branch quarterly seminar. Guest speaker for the event was John Cairns, of JC Consulting, well known concrete paving specialist.

The seminar covered a wide range of concrete paving issues, but particularly focused on the materials and testing in this newly introduced concrete paver specification. Other aspects covered were:

  • Maintenance and management of pavement.
  • Major causes of pavement failures.
  • Special applications such as steep slopes,intersections, roof decks and overlays

The main differences between the old specification and the new were highlighted as there has been a significant shift in tests that have to be carried out in order for manufacturers to comply with the new specification.

John Cairns emphasised that it was important that specifiers and users of concrete block paving should insist on sourcing these from precast concrete manufacturers who hold the SABS Mark and not those who merely claim to meet the specification.

Finally, and as an added bonus for delegates, John described the relatively new concept of permeable paving whereby, blocks are laid in such a way as to provide drainage of water through joints or voids between the concrete blocks, through the constructed layers below, and eventually into the subgrade.

This system is a growing requirement for developers as open land is gradually being filled with construction development and putting great strain on local authorities’ ability to handle run-off water from hardstands.

Question time was lively and informative and Hanlie Turner, Chair of the Inland Branch, thanked John for his very professional and practical approach in presenting this mini-seminar. She also thanked her colleagues on the local Branch Committee for assisting in organising a very successful event.


The sponsors of the event were PPC, Beton-Lab, BASF and Mapei.


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Hanlie Turner, (Inland Branch Chair)
welcomes all
The seminar was well attended
Alan de Kock of Beton-Lab
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