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Category: Buildings greater than 3-storeys

2017 Fulton Award - WINNERS

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WINNER: Buildings greater than 3-Storeys

Sol Plaatje University Library C004

Judges' Citation:

This bold and original project pushes the boundaries of architectural and engineering design, which required very high expectations from the concrete to perform not only as a structural but also as an aesthetic material. The result is a spectacular three- dimensional envelope which allows a 2.7m wide perimeter void between the external envelope and the floor plates. This resulted in in an envelope as an integrated 'wall and roof' shell that is functionally, structurally and technically independent of the ‘building' within it.  

The contractor managed the unusually demanding staging and shuttering of huge areas of free-standing external envelope walling at the highest possible standards and delivered a highly refined, consistently silky off-steel surface finish.

This landmark library not only celebrates concrete as its main material but it allows concrete a highly visible civic and sculptural presence. Concrete becomes one of the key features of the main pedestrian spine of the new university campus which links it to the surrounding city of Kimberley. This project is a worthy winner of the Fulton Award in the “Buildings Greater Than Three Storeys” Category.


Location:  Kimberley (Northern Cape)
Submitted by:  Murray & Dickson Construction
Client:  Sol Plaatje University
Principal Agent:  AECOM
Main Contractor:  Murray & Dickson Construction
Specialist Sub-Contractors:  Lafarge
Suppliers:  Uni-Span
Architect: Mark Horner - designworkshop : sa
Structural Engineer: Heinrich Stander - Aurecon Group


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Commendation: Buildings greater than 3-storeys

PwC Slide & Tower

Judges' Citation:

As the 24th tallest twisted building in the world (and the only twisted building in Africa); the PwC Tower is a 26 storey twisting building (together with five basement levels and two plant floors) where each floor incrementally rotates 1.2 degrees relative to the floor below.

The design solution balanced the gravity loads on the corner columns and reduced the torsion on the core of the tower, making stresses on the core wall decrease by a factor of four. This meant that the structure used a 450 mm core wall that is a similar thickness to what a typical straight tower of that height would have needed. By taking this approach both time and cost efficiencies were realised resulting in a better integrated and well considered design that satisfied the architectural vision of the building and space planning constraints.

A large number of project-specific and special application mixes, each with normal and retarded versions, with an average replacement of about 30% were used during construction. This project was worthy of a judges’ commendation in this category.


Location:  Midrand (Gauteng)
Submitted by:  AfriSam
Client:  Atterbury Properties
Principal Agent:  LYT Architecture
Main Contractor:  WBHO
Specialist Sub-Contractors:  Arup
Suppliers:  AfriSam, Chryso SA



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Commendation: Buildings greater than 3-storeys

Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa)

Judges' Citation:

Being cellular in nature, both concrete silo and elevator tower did not have the open space required to form an art gallery and the challenge was to create the space needed. This challenge was met by were cellular in nature and unifying both buildings into a gallery was achieved by demolishing an internal section of the silos to create a regular shape for galleries, and creating a cathedral like atrium. This was all achieved while retaining the exterior of the structure to celebrate the buildings industrial heritage and design.

The use of innovative concrete placement and formwork techniques together with the use of a variety of complex concrete-cutting and removal techniques to contrast the existing old concrete, has created a unique structure which makes it a deserved recipient of a commendation in this category.


Location:  Cape Town (Western Cape)
Submitted by:  V & A Waterfront
Client:  V & A Waterfront
Principal Agent:  Mace Management Services
Main Contractor:  WBHO
Specialist Sub-Contractors:  Q & A Coring Cutting & Scanning, World of Decorative Concrete
Suppliers:  AfriSam, Concrete Worm



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