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Category: Innovation in Concrete

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JOINT-WINNER: Innovation in Concrete

Innovative Integral Van Zyl Spruit Bridge

Judges' Citation:

The unique Van Zyl Spruit Bridge is the first long integral bridge in South Africa and, at 90 metres, one of the longest integral bridges in the world. The innovative use of integral bridges allows savings in materials, no capital cost for bearings and joints, lower maintenance costs, more durability and makes concrete bridges more competitive.


In addition, the installation of over 500 sensors in the bridge structure which are being logged automatically every 15 minutes to detect and quantify trends in strain, temperature, tilt and earth pressure, make this one of the first ‘SMART’ bridges in the country. The data obtained from these sensors will contribute to a better understanding of environmental loading on and performance of integral bridges in South Africa and encourage more widespread use of integral bridges.

This project is a deserved joint winner of the Fulton Award in the “Innovation in Concrete” Category.


Location:  Free State
Submitted by:  Lafarge South Africa, Aveng Grinaker-LTA & University of Pretoria
Client:  South African National Roads Agency Ltd SOC
Principal Agent:  Mott MacDonald
Main Contractor:  Aveng Grinaker-LTA
Specialist Sub-Contractor:  University of Pretoria
Suppliers:  Lafarge South Africa


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JOINT-WINNER: Innovation in Concrete

Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa)

Judges' Citation:

Maintaining the existing structures whilst combining it with innovatively placed new concrete substructures, selective demolition work and recycling make this building a celebration of concrete both as a historical and as a new, innovative building material.

Innovative and complex concrete placement and formwork techniques together with a variety of the latest laser-guided concrete-cutting and removal techniques were used. Newly cut and angled edges were polished to expose the original aggregate and steel reinforcement to great effect. This enabled open spaces in which the old and the new stabilising concrete work remain in contrast yet harmoniously fit together. In continuing the theme of paying homage to the silo’s industrial past, the original concrete both externally and internally was cleaned and has been retained as its most visible finish.

This unique project is a deserved joint winner of the Fulton Award in the “Innovation in Concrete” Category.


Location:  Cape Town (Western Cape)
Submitted by:  V & A Waterfront Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Client:  V & A Waterfront Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Principal Agent:  Mace Management Services
Main Contractor:  WBHO
Specialist Sub-Contractors:  Q & A Coring Cutting & Scanning, World of Decorative Concrete
Suppliers:  AfriSam, Concrete Worm


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Commendation: Innovation in Concrete

PY Track Slab

Judges' Citation:

While slab track has been constructed on a limited basis, mainly in tunnels, for some decades, its wider application on open lines has been resisted due to high construction costs. In this case, the decision to use continuous slab track over a section of track in Pretoria to address level issues at platforms and to reduce stray currents made it the first application of continuous slab track on open track in the country. The PY track slab system makes use of a number of construction innovations which are unique in the world and which reduces the cost of slab track construction to a level which is competitive with ballasted track. The most important innovation in construction of the slab is that the track fastenings are cast directly into the concrete at the time of construction with the aid of simple and extremely innovative construction jigs which also facilitate the achievement of the profiled surface.

This system also allows for labour-intensive construction and is therefore deserving of a judge’s commendation in this category.


Location:  Gauteng
Submitted by:  BridgePort Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Client:  PRASA
Main Contractor:  OTEO 4 Phase JV
Specialist Sub-Contractors:  Stefanutti Stocks
Suppliers:  Nova Engineering, Geo X (Pty) Ltd, Lafarge Industries SA



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Commendation: Innovation in Concrete

Pacaltsdorp Pedestrian Bridge

Judges' Citation:

This multi-span arch structure supporting a stress ribbon deck with the shallow arches flowing across the highway and the stress ribbon across the arch is both unique and innovative. This design created an aesthetically pleasing, self-anchored structural system that is semi-integral with the practical advantage of no expansion joints. Conventional formwork was used for the deck with the soffit following simple circular curves.

The fact that this bridge is thought to be a world first for a concrete self-anchored, arch supported, stress-ribbon bridge and showcases how functional concrete structures can be a positive addition to the local environment makes it worthy of a commendation in this category.


Location:  George (Western Cape)
Submitted By:  SMEC South Africa
Client:  South African National Roads Agency Ltd SOC
Principal Agent:  SMEC South Africa
Main Contractor:  Civils 2000



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