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QB Landscape LogoAs Quantibuild, we are celebrating 30 years in Civil Engineering Construction. We have proudly held our heads high through the many turbulent cycles within the construction industry, always delivering concrete of consistent quality to an exceptional standard. We have maintained our autonomy and vision within a rapidly changing landscape, never compromising on core values or sound engineering practice. Specialising in complex water retaining structures, we have delivered Waste Water Treatment Works, Ground-level Reservoirs and Elevated Reservoirs that are not only durable and functional, but also beautiful. Our respected clients have come to see that we are refreshingly different and that we care by taking pride in our work. Through our collective experience and expertise we have been able to add value to clients by offering them optimised alternative designs with cost effective and durable structures, while in most cases exceeding requirements and standards.

This is who we are:  people of “REPUTATION INNOVATION DEDICATION”.




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