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These are original scientific papers published in Concrete Beton, journal of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa. Note that full copyright of this publication belongs to the Concrete Society of Southern Africa NPC. Journal Contact Details: PO Box 75364 Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria, 0040 South Africa +27 12 348 5305 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website 


 Date Issue Author/s TitleDownload Paper
 2017  151B Naghizadeh A., Ekolu S O.    Pozzolanic materials and waste products for formulation of geopolymer cements in developing countries: a review   PDF document [2,8MB] 
 2017  151A Babafemi A J., Nieuwoudt P D., Boshoff W P.    Comparative evaluation of the time dependent deformations of cracked steel fibre and synthetic macro-fibre reinforced concrete in tension   PDF document [2,8MB] 
 2017  150B Nganga G W., Beushausen H., Alexander M G.    Practical implications of durability index performance-based pecifications - current experience   PDF document [2,4MB] 
 2017  150A Angelucci M., Beushausen H., Alexander M G., and Mackechnie J.R. Specifying cement content for concrete durability: why less is more   PDF document [4,7MB] 
 2017  148 G P A G van Zijl, A J Badenhorst Cyclic delamination failure in CFRP- strengthened reinforced concrete beams   PDF document [5,8MB] 
 2016  147 M Loseby, M G Alexander, H Beushausen The influence of aggregate grading on concrete potential durability and penetrability   PDF document [2,7MB] 
 2016  146 J Malherbe, J Wium An economic evaluation methodology to compare the use of self-compacting concrete with normal compacting concrete   PDF document [7,6MB] 
 2016  144 S O Ekolu, S Diop, F Azene Properties of pervious concrete for hydrological applications   PDF document [5,9MB] 
 2015  142 Jin Zang, G P A G van Zijl Developing non-heat treated UHPC with local materials   PDF document [14,9MB] 
 2014  139/140 D M Boakye, H C Uzoegbo Assessment of concrete pulverised with copper Slag as partial replacement of cement   PDF document [3,8MB] 
 2014  138 C Barnardo-Viljoen, K K Mensah, J V Retief, J A Wium, G P A G van Zijl Background to the Draft SA National Standard for the design of water retaining structures   PDF document [1,1MB] 
 2013  135 D de Klerk, J A Wium Precast Concrete Construction of Schools in South Africa   PDF document [6,9MB] 
 2013  134 G W Nganga, S M Gouws The Oxygen Permeability Index Test: Its Application and Addressing the Variability Issue   PDF document [3,4MB] 
 2013  133 Dr Peter C Taylor, PE (IL) New Technologies for Sustainable Concrete   PDF document [2,2MB] 
 2012  132 E P Kearsley, H F Mostert The Use of Recycled Building Materials As Aggregate for Concrete    PDF document [2,2MB] 
 2012  131 R Combrinck, William P Boshoff  Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Conventional Concrete and Low Volume Polymeric Fibre Reinforced Concrete    PDF document [3,8MB] 
 2012  130 A E Bruedern, M V Mechtcherine, W Kurtz, F Jurisch  Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete for Composite Slabs    PDF document [2,8MB] 
 2011  129 D Feys, G De Schutter, R Verhoeven  Influence of Pumping on the Fresh Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete    PDF document [2,6MB] 
 2011  128 Hans-Dieter Beushausen, R Wainwright A Market Review on the Use of Structural Precast Concrete in South Africa    PDF document [3,9MB] 
 2011  127 J V Retief, P E Dunaiski  The New South African Loading Code SANS 10160    PDF document [3,6MB] 
 2010  126 V Slowik, M Schmidt  Early Age Cracking and Capillary Pressure-Controlled Concrete Curing    PDF document [3,0MB] 
 2010  125 S P Shah  Controlling Properties of Concrete through Nanotechnology    PDF document [3,1MB] 
 2010  124 C Soranakom, B Mobasher  Flexural Design of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete    PDF document [4,6MB] 
 2009  123 G P A G van Zijl Constitutive Model for Fibre-reinforced Strainhardening Cement Composites (SHCC)   PDF document [2,4MB] 
 2009  122 K G Kuder and S P Shah Importance of Processing in Advanced Cement-based Products   PDF document [2,3MB] 
 2009  121 Syed Ali Rizwan and Thomas A Bier Self-consolidating Mortars using Various Secondary Raw Materials   PDF document [1,7MB] 
 2008  120 Robin J Page and George C Fanourakis The Influence of Slag Fineness on the Workability of Cementitious Pastes PDF document [1,9MB] 
 2008  119 Chien-Hung Lin, Chao-Lung Hwang, Shih-Ping Lin and Chih-Hsiuan Liu Self-Compacting Concrete Columns under Concentric Compression PDF document [2,7MB] 
 2008  118 Bryan Barragán, Ravindra Gettu, Luis Agullό and Raúl Zerbino Shear Failure of Steel Fibre-Reinforce Concrete-based Push Off Tests PDF document [2,1MB] 
 2007  117 Phillipe Turcry and Ahmed Loukili Evaluation of Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Self-Consolidating Concrete PDF document [5,6MB] 
 2007  116 A Geel, H Beushausen and M G Alexander Current Status of Self-Compacting Concrete in South Africa   PDF document [2,3MB] 
 2007  115  R Ratcliffe Fibre Reinforcement – Steel vs. Macro (Structural) Synthetic   PDF document [1,5MB] 
 2006  114B  J Rousseau and GPAG van Zijl Dynamic Evaluation of the Solar Chimney PDF document [3,8MB]
 2006  114 A  S O Ekolu Heat Curing Practice in Concrete Precasting Technology – problems and future directions   PDF document [3,1MB] 
 2006  113B  T Gardner, K Stanish and M Alexander Critical Review of Rapid Chloride Test Methods for Concrete  PDF document [3,6MB]
 2006  113A  M Gohnert, Z Mahamed and Y Nadasen Wire Stitching to Strengthen and Repair Masonry Walls and Beams  PDF document [2,7MB]
 2006  112  G C Fanourakis and Y Ballim The Influence of Aggregate Stiffness on the Creep of Concrete  PDF document [3,6MB]
 2005  111  P D Ronné Variation in Cover to Reinforcement: Local and International Trends  PDF document [2,9MB]
 2005  110  G P A G van Zijl  The Role of Aggregate in High Performance, Fibre-Reinforced, Cement-based Composites  PDF document [2,8MB]
 2005  109  R G D Rankine  Corrosion Resistant Steels for Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Review of Current Status  PDF document [2,6MB]
 2004  107  M G Alexander and E J Griesel  Effect of Controlled Environment Conditions on Durability Index Parameters of Portland Cement Concretes  PDF document [3,2MB]
 2003  105  B D Perrie  Low-volume Concrete Roads  PDF document [2,5MB]
 2003  104  J R Mackechnie  Quality of Western Cape Sandstone as Concrete Aggregate  PDF document [1,4MB]
 2003  103  H C Uzoegbo and J V Ngowi  Structural Behaviour of Dry-stack Interlocking Block Walling Systems Subject to In-plane Loading  PDF document [2,2MB]
 2002  102  E Kearsley and W Elsaigh  Effect of Steel Fibre Content on the Properties of Concrete PDF document [2,4MB] 
 2002  101  E Kearsley and M Visagie  Properties of Foamed Concrete as Influenced by Air-Void Parameters  PDF document [2,5MB]
 2002  100  A T Visser  Review of Design Criteria and Performance of Block Pavements in Gauteng  PDF document[3,2MB]
 2001   99  G E Blight and M G Alexander  Durability of Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipeline over 23 Years PDF document [2,9MB] 
 2001  98  S M Gouws, M G Alexander and G Maritz  Use of Durability Index Tests for the Assessment and Control of Concrete Quality on Site  PDF document [6,0MB]
 2000  97  I Luker  A Proposed Improvement to the Crushing Test of Concrete Specimens  PDF document [2,0MB]
 2000  96  J R Mackechnie and M G Alexander  Concrete Options for Water-retaining Structures  PDF document [1,3MB]
 1999  95B  A Neville  Concrete Cover to Reinforcement – or Cover-up PDF document [1,9MB]
 1999  95A  Y Ballim and N Ananmalay  High Strength Concretes made with Densified and Undensified CSF – strength development and resistance to carbonation and soft water attack PDF document [2,4MB]
 1999  94B  A T Visser  The Response of Flexible Portland Cement Concrete Pavements under Ultra-Heavy Loading PDF document [2,1MB]
 1999  94A  F T Olorunsogo  Influence of GGBS Fineness on the Pore Structure of OPC_GGBS Mortar PDF document [1,7MB]
 1999  93  Dr I Luker  Simple Strength Test for Masonry Units PDF document [0,6MB]
 1999  92  F T Olorunsogo  Properties of Concrete made with Recycled Concrete Aggregate PDF document [1,7MB]
 1998  91  E P Kearsley and the late P J Booysens  Reinforced Foamed Concrete – Can it be Durable PDF document [1,5MB]
 1997  87  J R Mackechnie  Laboratory Trials with Western Cape Metakaolin PDF document [1,6MB]
 1997  86  G Gibbon  Comparison of Test Methods to Determine the Heat of Hydration of Cements and Cement Blends PDF document [1,4MB]
 1997  85  Y Ballim and I Scott  Workability, Initial Set and Compressive Strength Characteristics of Concrete made with South African CSF at Various Substitution Ratios PDF document [1,8MB]
 1997  84  F T Olorunsogo  Properties of Slag Cement Mortar Incorporating GGBS of Different Fineness PDF document [2,3MB]
 1996  82B  J R Mackechnie and the late H R A Le Maire  Electrochemical Extraction of Chlorides from OPC and Fly Ash Concrete PDF document [2,1MB]
 1996  82A  M G Alexander and J H Strohmeier  Deterioration, Repair and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Cape Peninsula – Part 2 PDF document [2,3MB]
 1996  81  M G Alexander and J H Strohmeier  Deterioration, Repair and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Cape Peninsula – Part 1 PDF document [3,4MB]
 1996  80B  A Boting  A Method for Predicting the Deflection of Twoway Spanning, Edge-supported, Reinforced Concrete Slabs PDF document [2,1MB]
 1996  80A  J Morris and T E Manchidi  Hydrating OPC/CSF Blends: An Infrared Spectrophotometric Study PDF document [2,3MB]
 1996  79  G J van den Berg  The Use of Stainless Steel as Reinforcing Bar PDF document [3,6MB]

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